abKey vs Qwerty

abKey® is a globally patented and patent pending revolutionary keyboard system, to be implemented in desktop keyboards, notebook PCs and mobile devices, offering you a choice –”the long-awaited freedom from Qwerty – after 130 years!”

Qwerty: 1878+


Qwerty was devised in 1878 to slow typists down to prevent typewriters from jamming. As a result it is not user-friendly: difficult to learn, hard to use, not ergonomic, and just a pain.

  • Built to slowdown user
  • Difficult to learn
  • LOW speed, HIGH errors
  • CTS pandemic
  • Not for most languages
  • Not for many devices
  • No choice for users

abKey: 2011+

abKey is designed for the user & electronic devices of today. It is everything that Qwerty is not – and more! The Next Generation keyboard is not just a tool, it’s a friend.

  • Built for user ease & efficiency
  • Short learning curve
  • HIGH speed, LOW error
  • Comfortable, Ergonomic
  • Optimal for most languages
  • Ideal for most devices
  • Gives users a choice !

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