icon51, or Hero51, is the latest game in town! Based on the Fukushima 50 heroes of Japan, the game lets players strategise and respond quickly to help these heroes to prevent meltdown in four nuclear reactors. As a player, you need to learn and master a skill of communication, think smart, act fast, save and protect lives, and enable Fukushima 50 heroes to complete repairing the power lines so that the cooling system can work to keep the reactors safe.

Succeed in meeting these challenges and you become Hero51!

Apart from raising awareness of the needs and heroism of the Japanese people, and focusing on how people from around the world are able to lend a helping hand to people in need.

51 also introduces players to the abKey layout as they get to use and master it in the course of the game. They will find the T+/Tr special keys (unique to abKey) crucial for the speed and accuracy needed for winning the toughest levels.

51 can be found in both the App Store and Android Market.

Visit www.hero51.com for more information and some great videos!