More Global Endorsements & Awards

1. abKey was a CES Best of Show Nominee (USA)

2. PC World (USA) featured abKey in its Best of CES list of exciting new products.

3. “A new, easy-to-learn keyboard design could – in theory – save billions of dollars” said The Guardian’s (UK) Jack Schofield who outlined potential savings in shorter learning time, efficient typing and health. Schofield himself learned the abKey layout in 5 mins. better than what he could do with Qwerty after 35 years! To him, “abKey is the best alternative to Qwerty, and the first keyboard he’s seen that has a chance, however slim, of replacing Qwerty.”

4. “For those of you who get tired hands and wrists every time you use a computer,help could be on the way. A company has redesigned the keyboard and it could be the way we all type in the future.” Steve Simon of WB39 TV, USA.

5. “It’s about time that someone invented a keyboard for this new millennium.” Consumentenredactie, GPD, Netherlands

6. “Singapore’s best and brightest have released the abKey, which claims to have a learning curve of only one hour and doubles typing speed” — EverythingUSB.com (USA)

7. “An interesting product announced [at CES] …will free computer users of the 126 year old QWERTY keyboard” — John Virata, Consumer Electronics Net, (USA.)

8. A new type of keyboard promising higher typing speed has been invented.” People’s Daily, Xinhua, People’s Republic of China.

9. “At last, we have a challenger to Qwerty!”, “It’s great to see something really revolutionary at the show!”, “This is so cool! Why didn’t we think of it earlier!.” Typical comments by visitors at CES (USA).

10. “abKey is designed for comfort and relief of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome..”Dr Nelson Lim, Award winning Chiropractor, Singapore

11. abKey is how the keyboard should have been designed from the beginning……it’s better than the Dvorak, and superior to Qwerty – I will not even consider the Qwerty.” Barbara Blackburn, World’s Fastest Typist,1975-85, USA

12. “The keyboard revolution is here at last!” Eurotrade, Taiwan

13. ‘We usually do not pass judgement on inventions that come our way but this keyboard does grow on you.’ Ulrich Schraudolph (Germany), award winning industrial designer, “I’ve realised the more different a keyboard layout, the faster it is for people to learn.”

14. Design Spearheads Keyboard Revolution: The ultimate endorsement for the abKey comes from Barbara Blackburn, the world’s fastest typist as listed in the Guinness Book of World Records (1975-1985), who said, “abKey is 99% better than Qwerty, it is simple and makes sense, and should be the way keyboards were built from the beginning. Given a choice, I would not even consider the Qwerty! ” International Enterprise, Designed for Success, Singapore.

15. Carpal tunnel syndrome begone! abKey is not another run-of-the-mill ergonomic keyboard. The globally patented invention promises to let you type up to twice as fast, and accurately. Its ergonomic, flexible V-shape keyboard also means that users can attain a more comfortable wrist position, instead of twisting their wrists outwards to accommodate a straight keyboard. Another plus, the common keys are located in and near the homerow, reducing finger travel by half. pg 10, Designer, Issue 7, Singapore .

16. “Thank you for your information. It looks like you have a fantastic product! I heard about your abKey in the “right’s issue” of Designer (Issue 7)….I would be interested in purchasing one right away. In fact, I would like to potentially order 5 for our HK office, and possibly 30 plus for our Corporate office in the U.S. Best of luck with your launch in January!! It appears you have an excellent product-I am sure a lot of other people already want one! They are stylish, and look comfortable for those of us that use computers all day! Congratulations!” Sincerely, LW (HMA), Hong Kong.


On abKey, the company


17. abKey Pte Ltd has been awarded the Red Herring’s Asia Top 100. After evaluating business models, analyzing profitability forecasts, assessing management teams and examining technology, Red Herring, USA, declares: “In an exceptionally vibrant climate for start-ups, the Red Herring believes that your company is a rising star.”

18. “If you are a venture capitalist looking to invest in the next big thing, look to the small guys with big ideas…companies like abKey, a new set-up that invented a new category of keyboards to challenge QWERTY…From companies like this will come Singapore’s next big brand.” Jacky Tai, IESingapore


Other Relevant Comments

19. As a result of early introduction of computing in schools, we can expect a Pandemic of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.” Prof.Leon Straker, Associate President, International Ergonomic Association, Head, Dept of Physiotherapy, Curtins University, AU

20. Qwerty is about the most inefficient configuration you can imagine!” Anthony Robbins, Author/Life Coach,USA

21. “This current QWERTY monopoly in the product line-up of the major manufacturers puts us all at a disadvantage in the long run because it puts constraints on our freedom of choice.”

`Anyone still stuck with a standard-issue keyboard or mouse should be asking, “Where’s the innovation?”’

At the dawn of 64-bit computing, when processor speeds are measured in gigahertz, why we are still grasping for the same old boring input devices…computer keyboards take the anachronistic cake. At more than 100 years, the standard QWERTY keyboard deserves the title of stodgiest PC companion to date.

As for users: Don’t be afraid to adopt new keyboards and mice. Adapting to a new keyboard is not as hard as it looks–and it could boost your typing times, and possibly extend your career (by avoiding repetitive stress injuries). Robyn Peterson, VP/Cnet, ExtremeTech., USA.