Meet the next-generation keyboard. abKey® is a globally patented and patent pending revolutionary keyboard system, to be implemented in desktop keyboards, notebook PCS and mobile devices, offering you a choice –”the long-awaited freedom from Qwerty – more than 130 years!”

It’s alphabetical, with all the most common keys in or near the homerow, and an ergonomic V-shape. Now, touch-typing can be as easy as abKey®! You can learn it in One Hour and remember it for a lifetime! No more weeks and months of tedious classes and drills.

Also, abKey® lets you type:

  • Up to twice as fast.
  • More accurately.
  • Lots more comfortably!

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It is about time that someone invented a keyboard for this new millenium.

– Maarten van de Rakt, Consumentenredactie, GPD, the Netherlands

A new, easy-to-learn keyboard design could – in theory – save billions of dollars

– Jack Schofield, respected IT journalist of the Guardian (UK).