Research and Tests

3 to 4 Years Ahead


Students learn to touch-type on abKey (ie. type with 10 fingers, without looking at the keyboard) in less than 1 hour, and perform at the same level of speed and accuracy as those using Qwerty, who have had 3- to 4- years experience on the latter.

Blind types in 1 hour


Blind children at 9 to 12 years old, who have not been able to type on Qwerty, can type on abKey after 1 hour or less (using voice output software.)

Happy to switch!


Angela was fast and accurate on Qwerty when she discovered abKey. Intriqued by the cool and unique design, she picked one up to try. She learned abKey within an hour and picked up speed rapidly, equalling her 65 wpm Qwerty speed in a couple of days. She has been using abKey 8-10 hours daily for more than 3 years without any problems. Now, Angela cruises comfort-ably along at 80-85 wpm, an essential skill for her work as a document processor in a French freight company. She was glad she switched.